Create awesome surveys and competitions easily.

Create promotions that work on desktop, tablets and phones in seconds.

Set up automatic entry confirmation emails, and send follow up emails once your promotion is over, all from right inside Metric.

As people enter, see your dashboard light up in realtime with information about them. See how people are sharing your creation on social networks with their friends, Metric keeps track of it all.

A Laptop displaying Metric App.

Create and publish quickly.

From caption competitions to multiple choice quizzes, simply drag & drop to create your perfect promotion.


Share your promotion


Install on your page


Embed on your website or blog


Share your mobile device link

Connect with customers wherever they are.

Any time, any place, any device, customers can enter instantly via Facebook or by Email.

The Metric dashboard showing campaing statistics and charts.

Get realtime customer data.

As soon as a promotion is live, you see realtime data from all channels to help you meet your customers’ needs better.

Don’t just acquire fans, own your customer data to build lasting relationships over time at no additional cost.

The Metric dashboard showing campaing statistics and charts.

Use your customer insight for clever, informed targeting.

Continually optimise your promotions to respond to customer behaviour and increase your conversion rates.

Continue the dialogue, design an email to be sent automatically to everyone who enters your promotion.

Turn your fans into your brand influencers.






Andy viewed promotion.

Andy entered promotion.

Andy shared promotion on Twitter

Jane entered the promotion.

Andy opened an email.

Join the leading brands using metric.

We love using Metric, it's so easy to get up and running with a promotion and see how your customers are interacting in real time is really exciting!.

Speed. Build in seconds.

No developers, no code. Easy to use.

Works on all devices.

Mobile friendly. All channels.

Own the data you collect.

Realtime delivery. One central dashboard.

Long term engagement.

Turn fans into influencers. Boost loyalty and retention.

Drive sales.

Informed targeting. Greater conversion.


From one promotion to 1000s. Same service.