Simplify your Social Media promotions process.

With metric, it takes just minutes to build a promotion using our easy-to-use drag and drop software. You can even preview your build in realtime too so you can check what it looks like across every device.

You have complete control of your promotion and competition building, and with no costly development fees or app building, metric frees up your inhouse team to work on other projects too.

Instantly see who’s engaging with your brand.

As soon as your promotion is live, realtime data will flood your metric dashboard allowing you to immediately see who’s engaging with your promotion. You’ll get a personal snapshot of each visitor with valuable details of their age, location, gender and email address.

Start to build relationships with your customers, using your data knowledge to intuitively refine and target future promotions.

Stretch your brand reach

Metric allows you to build promotions and competitions across all devices and all social channels, and you’ll be able to see which channel or device works best for you for each promotion.

As you build the dialogue with your customers, use metric to also help you socially validate your brand by encouraging your customers to share with their friends. Make your fans your brand advocates to influence even greater sales and ROI.

Totally scalable to suit your needs.

Metric is scalable for use by any size company, for any campaign, and to track any number of entries or unique visitors. It really is up to you how many promotions you want to build, when and across which devices.

With such flexibility, we’ve equally made the pricing as transparent as possible. However, no matter what size business you are, or how many promotions you want to build, you still get the same full set of metric features.

The data collection layer to your social content.

Our promotion builder allows to quickly and easily build promotions based on your social content.

You can even create promotions using your content from Instagram, YouTube and Vine.


Add images to your promotion, we resize them for all devices


Add copy, with links custom fonts and formatting.


Embed YouTube videos to a promotion.


Embed your favourite vine posts into a promotion.


Embed instagram photos and videos in seconds.

Connect your stores.

Create in store materials to offer discounts and offers to customers at the point of sale.

Creating material with a link to a metric promotion allows customers to enter promotions on their mobile device and revieve a discount coupon on their phone and by email immediately for use in store.

Easy to use.

No costly development fees.

Maximum reach.

Social validation.

Simple Pricing.