What the iPhone 6 means for brands and retailers.

The launch of the iPhone 6 poses potentially the most exciting range of opportunities for online and physical retailers since the launch of the original iPhone.

The introduction of NFC and Apple Pay to the iPhone 6 and Plus models represent a huge opportunity to increase sales and make customer experiences easier and more fluid than ever before.

The new Apple Pay system allows iPhone users to keep a copy of their credit cards encrypted inside their iPhone passbook, and can pay with a simple touch of the Tocuh ID sensor when paying either instore or with an online purchase. Stripe have already launched an integration which makes adding this payment method to apps super easy.

But what about running promotions and offering competitions to users, giving them incentives to buy in the first place. This is where the new Metric system can come in, we have made it ridiculously easy to build promotions and offers which are optimised for iPhone 6 - and can work seamlessly instore or online.

You can build an offer using the Metric system which you can then place at POS locations or on the shelf edge, with both NFC for iPhone 6 & Android or QR codes for older devices. When a user taps their phone on the offer, they are shown the promotion you designed in Metric and can instantly claim the offer, where they are shown an offer code and emailed the offer.

Creating offers and incentives for users using Metric will prove to be highly effective in driving conversions through Apple Pay, we look forward to launching more demonstrations of how iPhone 6 and Metric can work together in the next few weeks.

James Wood, 10 September 2014

How to Increase Sales Using Competitions

How to Increase Sales Using Competitions
The advent of social media has changed the way that many consumers find brands, build relationships and ultimately purchase from companies. But with more and more companies going onto social media channels and constant changes to the platforms themselves, it is becoming increasing more difficult to get your content in front of your customers and ultimately convert them into loyal customers.

One method of online promotion which can help drive sales is running competitions, either on Facebook or for mobile. Now this might sound like an unusual idea - giving away something with the aim of generating sales from it but believe us, it works and here’s why:

Everyone wants something for nothing – it’s true. Everyone likes getting a bargain or better still something that is free. There are millions of people out there online who play the lottery and enter competitions in the hope of making their life better by winning. My running a mobile or Facebook competition, you can engage these people and if you sell your product well enough, a percentage of those who don’t win, will actually decide they need your product and buy it. This is especially effective if you promote an online only offer to those who entered but failed to win the competition.

It builds brand awareness – by running a Facebook or mobile competition, you will not only be offering something for free but you will also help to generate brand awareness, getting your logo and your offering in front of those people who are potentially interested in your product.

It gets your product in front of potential customers – by running a competition, you are effectively putting one or more of your products or services in front of the people who will buy it. Making people aware of a need for your product will ultimately encourage them to purchase it. Some might think that the odds of winning a competition are slim and thus buy the product immediately whilst other customers might order once they realise they haven’t won the competition.

It gets you customer data – personal information like names and contact details are worth a lot of money in the current climate. By running a competition, you can effectively get people to give you their data which amounts to qualified leads. Allowing you to email, text or mail these potential customers with further products or services that they might be interest in – opening a direct line of communication for you to convert them into customers.

However when running a competition, there are a number of things to bear in mind.  Remember that your Facebook competition has to be targeted specifically at your customers and your target audience – offer them something that they want and you’ll soon start seeing competition entries and related sales. Another thing to remember is that you want your customers to work for the prize and ultimately work for you. Make them engage by liking and/or sharing your competition and by providing you with their information – get them to do the promoting for you and your competition might even go viral, the holy grail of any Facebook promotion.
Want to run a competition either on Facebook or mobile but don’t know where to start? Then find out more on our website and you’ll soon see the sales roll in.

Ian Unger, 05 September 2014

Photo Promotions for Any Device

Today we’re announcing the launch of a major new feature, one of our most popular requests - the ability to create photo upload promotions.

This now means you can build a promotion inside Metric which allows users to upload photos from any device, or even as an embed inside your own website. Instead of just building a Facebook Photo Competition, you can now build one which works on all social networks, and do it in seconds.

Our new photo promotions work great for things like simple photo competitions, for example getting customers to upload their favourite recipes using your product or them wearing one of your items.

Of course, you are still able to collect all the other data you’re used to in Metric - Names, genders, email addresses and location as well as being able to see all the photos which have been uploaded.

Why not sign up for Metric or request a demo to see how easy it is to get up and running with your first promotion, we think you’ll be amazed.

James Wood, 04 September 2014

10 Tips for building facebook promotions customers love.

Everyone wants to build a promotion that their customers will love. Whether sharing as a link for mobile devices on Twitter or installing as an app on your Facebook page, we have 10 top tips for getting the most out of your promotions.

Stick to one strong focal point

Build your promotions around a clear and concise message, give users a clear set of instructions which details what they need to do to enter, and what the benefits of entering are.

Make your promotion noticeable

Use creative that captures attention and gets people to stop scrolling through their Facebook or Twitter Feed.

Insert brand personality

Add your brand personality into your creative. Users love promotions which arent too corporate, inject some of the personality of your brand to your promotions, try and build a relationship and encourage engagement.

Consider your targetting

Make sure your promotion is aimed at your customer base, and offers a reward and entry mechanism which fits in with their wants and needs. For example, if you were using Metric to promote a band you might create a promotion which encouraged fans to upload photos from a concert in exchange to win a copy of the latest album.

Create emotional reward

Think of ways to connect with your audience emotionally. Humor is a great emotional trigger, and can lead to increased conversion rates.

Mirror creative to where your audience is in the sales funnel

If your audience is in the consideration phase, use creative to drive interest in your products or services. If your audience has demonstrated intent on your website, use creative with a strong call-to-action to drive the outcome you care about.

Use a strong call to action

Vital to direct response promotions, ensure you have a single, clear call-to-action that drives the objective you’re looking to achieve with your Metric promotion. Do not confuse the call-to-action by asking them to purchase a product and like your Page, keep the message clear and focus on entry conversion.

Follow up with automated email

Once a customer has entered your Metric promotion, follow up by designing an automated email which is sent out immediately upon entry. This could contain a discount or coupon code to attempt to activate the user on your website or convert to a sale.

Consider refreshing the creative

Campaigns will begin to fatigue over time given the frequency with your target audience. Review performance over time and update creative often to maximize results. Evaluate user feedback and consider adjusting questions to make them as easy as possible. If focusing on mobile devices, simple checkbox answers bring the most conversion.

Test, test, test!

Ensure you’re using the best performing creative and mechanics by testing continuously.

James Wood, 29 August 2014

Metric Featured in Google Insight Video

Earlier this year I was asked by Google to contribute to a video for their Think Insights website.

The video explores recent innovations in technology and focusses on how this is creating significant disruption which represents both a challenge and opportunity for the UK’s largest brands.

Insights into how innovations in business finance, digital education, optimisation of workforces, and promotions across connected devices - including a demo of the new Metric Promotion Builder.

Matt Brocklehurst, Google’s UK Product Marketing Manager said “We created this video to showcase the future of communications and to show the CEOs and CMOs of the UK’s largest brands and advertisers how technology is changing business and the world. We are hugely excited to see British startups like Metric pushing the boundaries of what is possible with marketing technology.”

Over the last few years technology has been democratised, with startups being able to utilise vast open source frameworks and cheap cloud computing which enables them to bring their ideas to life in ways never before possible.

Alongside Metric were Alistair Sheppard from Saberr, Emily Trannt & Conrad Fort from Funding Options and Krishan Meetoo and Carl Dawson from Proversity.

James Wood, 27 August 2014