Everything you need to build campaigns that work on any device.

Metric helps you build social media promotions which work on all devices, giving you access to real time customer data.

A Laptop displaying Metric App.

Connect with customers wherever they are.

Promotions built with Metric work on any device automatically, customers can either enter with Facebook or by Email.

Because you have JavaScript disabled you can't enter this promotion here, don't worry you can still enter, just visit this link.
A tablet and mobile showing promotions created with Metric app.

See how customers are engaging in realtime.

As your customers begin to engage with your promotions you will begin to see your dashboard fill up with realtime data.

The Metric dashboard showing campaing statistics and charts.

View your full relationship with customers.

with Metric you own all the customer data you collect allowing you to build lasting realtionships over time at no additional cost.





Andy viewed promotion.

Andy entered promotion.

Andy opened an email.

Andy shared your promotion

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We love using Metric, it's so easy to get up and running with a promotion and siing how your customers are interacting in real time is really exciting!.

Violet Donohoe, RSPCA